Noé Charron,  Domini Gee, Tanya Short, Kitfox Games How it will help your storytelling and have a positive impact on marketing Our three...
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Case Studies on Design & Inclusion: How it will help your storytelling and and have a positive impact on marketing
October 21, 2021
Sophie Vo, Rise and Play This talk will cover the following: What is an Antifragile team? How do you become Antifragile? What is your main...
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Building teams for the long term: Antifragile teams
October 18, 2021
Stacey Shulak, BA., CRHA, Talent Management Consultant We all know that creating a safe space is important, however do you know what you can do...
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How to Foster a Positive Culture in Your Game Studio and Create a Safe Space
September 22, 2021
BossaNova:MTL 2021 Sophie Vo from Voodoo & Dan Bernardo from Playtra Games Our panelists talk about how they built up an inclusive studio...
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Maximizing Creative Teams: Case Studies on Studio Culture and Inclusion
May 11, 2021


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