Live Steam Page Critique

Category: marketing
Date: July 15, 2022
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Disco:MTL 2022

Let's spruce up your Steam page! In this live critique, professional Steam page builder Chris Zukowski will review your Steam pages and give you gentle suggestions on how you can improve them. You will also learn what Steam shoppers are looking for and how your page can influence the Steam algorithm. 


Chris Zukowski, Creative Director, How To Market A Game

Chris Zukowski is a game marketing consultant and strategist. He has helped Games as a Service companies, indie publishers, and small to single-person teams understand their audience and communicate with them in a more personal way. He specializes in optimizing your marketing for the Steam algorithm, creating fantastic Steam pages that sell themselves and setting up email marketing campaigns that your fans will look forward to opening.

**Vidéo en anglais seulement**

Améliorons votre page Steam ! Dans cette critique en direct, Chris Zukowski, créateur professionnel de pages Steam, passera en revue vos pages Steam et vous donnera des suggestions pour les améliorer. Vous apprendrez également ce que les acheteurs Steam recherchent et comment l'algorithme Steam peut être influencé par votre page. 

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Live Steam Page Critique
July 15, 2022

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