How to Design a Systems-driven Discord

Category: marketing
Date: July 13, 2019
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Andy Nguyen, Project Manager, Brace Yourself Games

Andy Nguyen was one of the first pioneers of Discord for game development back in 2015. Due to Discord being new and unknown, various strategies were attempted with different levels of success and failure. Learn from commonly asked questions about how to increase the popularity and discoverability of your game's Discord. Learn how the tools available within Discord can create an extension of your game's engagement with the community.

Andy started his career as a Designer and the Level Designer for Monaco: What's Yours is Mine. For his follow up game, Tooth and Tail, Andy pursued building an active gaming community during the development process via Discord. This unique approach to the application was recognized by Discord and Andy was invited to write a post detailing the process on Discord's official blog. This blog would be used to inspire future developers on how to use Discord for community development in what would become a standard practice for the game industry today.

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How to Design a Systems-driven Discord
July 13, 2019

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