Creating Games with Narrative Constraints (and Robots and Dinosaurs)

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Date: June 22, 2022
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GamePlay Space presents Creating Games with Narrative Constraints (and Robots and Dinosaurs)!

Join Hugo Labrande, an interactive narrative writer, as he talks about the fact that the only limit on the size and structure of a choice-based video game is the writer's willingness to write. But although this might be the dominant paradigm for modern video games, this isn't universal, and working under different constraints might reveal to us a thing or two about branching and structures that might be further leveraged in various settings, from interactive movies to immersive theatre or board games.

We will first wonder what kind of games and experiences can be dreamed of under that constraint, and how one might go about exploring it, using it, and subverting it. We will also take a look at the very obscure but very interesting Tiger 2-XL game "Chaos in Jurassic Park", unfold its tight and dense structure, and see what solutions the game's writer was able to come up with to build a dynamic narrative in such a constrained medium.


**Vidéo en anglais seulement**

L'Espace Ludique présente Créer des jeux avec des contraintes narratives (et des robots et des dinosaures)!

Venez découvrir avec Hugo Labrande comment les contraintes physiques et conceptuelles d'un jeu peuvent affecter sa trame narrative. À travers cette présentation apprenez comment l'utilisation, l'exploration et la transformation de telles contraintes vont influencer l'expérience vidéoludique d'un jeu.

Venez explorez le sujet à travers la dense structure du jeu de Tiger 2-XL, "Chaos in Jurassic Park", et les solutions amenées par le scénariste du jeu pour bâtir une trame narrative dynamique à travers les contraintes d'un tel médium.

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Creating Games with Narrative Constraints (and Robots and Dinosaurs)
June 22, 2022

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