Our three panelists will talk about how they have used inclusion in their game design. - Laurence Kennedy, Creative Director from Shedbuilder...
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Intentional Design for Better Games, Storytelling & Community Growth
game-development, selection
May 25, 2022
Richard Lemarchand, Game Designer, Professor, Writer, and Consultant Learn about how best to manage your video game project! Even in 2022...
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A Playful Production Process
selection, project-management
February 16, 2022
Michael Shortt, Lawyer and Trademark Agent Several indie publishers have made their template publishing agreements available online. In this...
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The Raw Fury Publishing Agreement: An Indie Lawyer’s Edit and Rewrite
boring-corporate-stuff, selection
January 12, 2022
Hannah Nicklin, CEO & Studio Lead, Die Gute Fabrik, Philip Tibitoski, Co-Founder and President of Young Horses Games, Tanya Fox, Kitfox...
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4-day work weeks: Why you should get on board and how to implement it.
human-resources, selection
December 1, 2021
Kelli Dunlap, Psychologist & Adj Professor of Game Design, American University Kelli Dunlap, PsyD is clinical psychologist and game...
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Do No Harm: Ethical Design for Emotionally Heavy Games
design, selection
November 22, 2021


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