Advanced Reddit Tactics

Category: marketing
Date: July 14, 2018
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Elyot Grant, Founder and CEO, Lunarch Studios

Reddit is now the 4th most visited website in the US. However, leveraging Reddit for marketing purposes can be tricky due to the site’s quirky culture and intolerance of spam. In this talk, Elyot will outline a playbook of advanced tactics for success on Reddit. He’ll explain how Lunarch Studios used these tactics to hit the Reddit frontpage 5 times, collected 40,000 email beta signups in a single day, ran a Reddit-powered Kickstarter campaign, and become the #1 top all-time post on /r/bestof (until Barack Obama knocked them down). Additionally, several subversive tactics will be discussed, alongside pitfalls to avoid.

Elyot is the founder and CEO of Lunarch Studios and creator of the competitive strategy game Prismata. He has 3 degrees in mathematics, including one from MIT. Elyot’s a huge nerd who’s earned a gold medal at the Canadian Computing Competition and has competed on the Canadian national team at the International Math Olympiad and the World Puzzle Championship. He’s also a former Reddit StarCraft Tournament champion and holder of multiple speedrun world records.

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Advanced Reddit Tactics
July 14, 2018

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